my dad and i went to the "lange nacht der museen" last night. my legs still hurt from all those steps at the berliner dom...but the view was worth it and walking around the cupola was very refreshing. other places that i really enjoyed were the knoblauchhaus, the ephraim-palais, where they had a very well curated exhibition (kleist: krise und experiment) about heinrich von kleist, including a room full of famous writers and philosophers who have committed suicide. i also enjoyed the exhibitions at café sibylle and the former karl-marx-buchhandlung. other than that we visited the ddr museum (which was too crowded and too silly for my taste, but had some fun moments) and the rotes rathaus, berlin's city hall. next time we will definitely leave berlin-mitte. but for last night it was more than enough and we went to places, i haven't been to before (excluding the berliner dom).