neulich in der sbahn

holy night at c's

c wanted to have this big christmas eve dinner, but unfortunately her parents, uncle, aunt and 3 cousins weren't able to make it, because their flights were cancelled. so in the end it was just three of us. c was very disappointed but we ended up having a really great dinner anyway. i must say it was probably one of the most relaxed christmas dinners so far and i kind of like the idea of celebrating christmas with friends or maybe a mixed group of friends and family.

our menu:
vegan pumpkin soup
lamb's lettuce with fried pear, walnuts and balsamic vinegar
goose (or veggie schnitzel), mashed potatoes with garlic and red cabbage mixed with chopped chestnut
vanilla ice cream
(we were not able to eat the last two courses though...)


new discovery

my friend nele showed me this show last night. sarah haskins is absolutely funny! nele and i were wondering why there don't seem to be any german feminist comedians or why german feminists seem to have no sense of humor, but seem to be extremely bitter. sarah's analysis and commentary on gender roles as shown on tv ads is just brilliant! too bad she quit the show. her successor erin gibson's show modern lady is pretty funny as well. you should check it out! tv definitely needs more chicks like these two!