my friend

just recently i read a blog entry by one of my dearest friends. my friend was wondering about the purpose of her existence. she took some test she found online. but, of course she didn't really get an answer to her question.
but what is the purpose of life? is it changing the world? i guess not. besides it's super naive. is it influencing the people you love or the people who are around you? i guess that's much more it. it made me really sad to read my friend's words, cause she is one of the most knowledgeable people i have ever met and she has opened my eyes on so many occasions. she is so very gifted when it comes to explaining the world, it is very unpretentious and that is what i like. people who are smart and don't feel like they constantly have to brag about it are just the best.
but this friend is way more than being intelligent. she's an excellent and caring person and has the most amazing hair ;)
in yiddish you would call her a mensch.
i guess at some point or another we will all ask ourselves what the purpose of our existence is and we will probably be unsatisfied with the answers we might find. of course there are always these few exceptions. people who always seem to know what they want to do in life. god, i envy and hate them. they are not my friends.


thesis? - done!

it's finally been done!